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Our Story


Jamey Ingraham- Creator and Owner: 

As a kid I had epilepsy and the meds they put me on made me an extreme introvert and I always felt out of place and EXTREMELY socially awkward, and withdrawn.  I struggled with that all the way through childhood and into high school. Sometimes I still struggle with it. I had good parents, good friendships. But felt really out of place regardless.

This is where pool comes into play in my life. My Grandpa had a table in his house, we would play at family gatherings and it felt good for me to play. After high school one of my best friends said let's go play pool, I said ok. I started building friendships, getting confidence, getting out of my shell. I felt at home. I didn't just make friends, I made family ties. I'm sure some of you may have had similar experiences, and feel the same way about your local pool communities as I do about mine.

The way that I feel when I hit my goals or played really well. It feels unbelievable. When my life has had struggles, pool and my pool family have always been there.


In 2016, I tried to start a poolhall. It was going to be beautiful. I had the Business Plan, 42 pages to be exact. The desire to help the game. The perfect logo, the perfect name. What I didn't have was the experience, I tried for 2 1/2 years to do what was advised and asked of from lenders. It wasn't meant to be.... 

I still had the desire to help pool grow and decided to go another route. I loved the logo and the name. It was time to grow it. Here we are!! I am extremely excited about this! I want to help pool grow as a sport in whole across the world!! We are working to "Bring the World of Billiards together Globally." It's our company's motto. 

All in all, pool means more to me on a deeper level than most, and for different reasons. I can't imagine my life without the friends and family I have made along the way. I can't even imagine who I would be without it. 

With your support, we will do just that! We look forward to serving the Pool and Billiard Communities across the world. Thank You for your support!

Jamey Ingraham